Building the MiniLatex the Parser

MiniLatex Demo App In this article we discuss the overall design of the MiniLatex parser. Its function is to translate source text into an abstract syntax tree (AST). This is a recursive, tree-like structure that "understands" the grammar of LaTeX.  Recursiveness is what makes it possible to have environments nested with environments which may themselves have … Continue reading Building the MiniLatex the Parser

Handling Latex Errors: Emulating Elm

One of the many things that I admire about Elm as a programming language is the quality of the compiler's error messages.  The "hooks" for providing good error messages are provided by the Error data structure in the elm-tools/parser package.  The goal, then, is to make MiniLatex producs as informative and helpful as does Elm.  This work … Continue reading Handling Latex Errors: Emulating Elm